Pawfect Bath Mat - Mustard
Calling all authorised animal lovers... I know what you’re thinking.  “FINALLY! The pawfect treat for my furry, four-legged bestie. Happy days!” Cats and dogs love us from top to toe, so why not show them a little body positivity too?...
$65.00 $20.00
Pawfect Bath Mat - Green (X-Large)
Who said comfort was just for lap dogs? Not us! And whoever did clearly never owned a Great Dane. Have you ever met one? They’re basically couch horses, ready to pounce on unsuspecting owners mid-Netflix binge. Remember, it’s a big...
$80.00 $25.00
ATTENTION: You’ve entered a judgement-free zone, babe! #nofilter might sound risky.. but what’s life without a little risk-taking, am I right? Let’s ditch the filters and fill our heads with kinder thoughts instead. Being healthy isn’t just about what you...
$65.00 $20.00
Nice Butt T-SHIRT
We're taking it to the streets. Now you get to feel amazing while dishing out the love to everyone who sees you. It's time to let the pizza delivery guy, cute neighbor, and your pilates class that they booty fine....
$59.00 $35.00
Maisey & Oscar E-Gift Card
Send someone you like, a gift card that they will love. They can use it to get a fancy bath mat that will whisper sweet nothings to them every morning and remind them of you. Our e-gift cards will be...
from $10.00
PRE-ORDER - FIGUR x Maisey & Oscar - Tote Bag
Complete your beach essentials, with the one bag to carry it all! She’s got room for two of our extra-large beach towels, sunscreen, your fav novel, water bottle, and more. The Finer Details Made from 100% cotton. Tote Bag size:...
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