Introducing Maisey & Oscar, Australia’s favourite body positive homewares brand, founded in 2019 by plant-based brain cancer thriver Jaime Hall.

Like most people, Jaime thought negatively about her body from time to time, growing up reading Cosmopolitan and Dolly Magazines with models that do not depict the regular woman. This was exasperated when she had surgery and chemotherapy for brain cancer in 2017, ballooning in weight because of all the medication. It was then that she realised how important it is to live life on your own terms while focusing on health and wellness in every way possible. She wanted to feel better about her body and help others too when most vulnerable. Naked.

She founded Maisey & Oscar, which was created to promote self love in all forms. Jaime has an extensive background in Marketing and hopes to teach people about their worth by empowering them through body positive messaging.

“My vision was to create something that would make people stop and think about their bodies in a positive way. All bodies are good bodies, and everyone deserves to feel good about themselves.”


This says it all... But here's a totally "off-the-cuff and unbiased" checklist outlining all the things we love (and you'll love) about our bath mats anyway!

We've travelled far and wide through the subtropical regions of the world to source the softest cotton, just for you! Seriously. We're softer than a warm hug from your nan.

We make a packet of marshmallows look like cement. You get the point.

We're strong believers in body positivity and wanna bring those good vibes into your home. Check out our ethos to find out more!

We're kind, we're sassy and we love to make people feel good! Whether that's you or a friend, a lover or a partner you think deserves a daily reminder of how great they are. Look no further!

Our Ethos

ICYMI: We’re kinda big fans of self love and body positivity. Like, on a scale of 1-10 on the we-love-body-positivity chart, we’re a solid 11.

Body positivity is at the heart of our brand. We believe that no matter what is happening, inside or out, you're just as brilliant and worthwhile as the person standing next to you.

We want you to love yourself and carpe diem the sh*t out of your day, every day - starting in your bathroom! Every time you look at us we want you to get that warm, fuzzy "I can do this" feeling inside, because that's what you deserve, babe!

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