Pawfect Bath Mat (X-Large)
Pawfect Bath Mat (X-Large)
Pawfect Bath Mat (X-Large)
Pawfect Bath Mat (X-Large)

Pawfect Bath Mat (X-Large)

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Who said comfort was just for lap dogs? Not us!

And whoever did clearly never owned a Great Dane. Have you ever met one? They’re basically couch horses, ready to pounce on unsuspecting owners mid-Netflix binge. Remember, it’s a big dog’s world, we’re just living in it.

Our mats deliver the pawfect resting spot between butt-sniffing, *boop* hunting and intimidating the delivery guy. A soft escape for your tiny horse. Uhhh, dog! 

Big dogs just want to be pampered too, so why not make their dream a reality?

Big pooch (and big man) proof:

Made from 100% soft-as-clouds cotton with the perfect level of absorbency we all love and appreciate, only bigger. For big paws to rest on or big men who need more room to avoid the uninvited, post-shower slip-and-slide ride in the bathroom. 

Size: 60cm x 100cm
Care: Machine Washable